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Anatomical Advisors will aid your organization to achieve business results through people.

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Employee Life Cycle

Anatomical Advisors offers either a half day or full day training on the Employee Life Cycle


As employees are one of your organizations most important resources, managing the employee life cycle with evidence-based management practices ensures the effective and efficient utilization of your staff.

Employee Hiring Process

- Identification of a Need

- Defining the Need

- Job or Position Description

- Interview Process

- Behavioral Interviewing

- Hiring Process

- New Employee Orientation

Performance Management

- Expectations

- Training

- Feedback

- Performance Improvement

- Evaluation

Employee Engagement

- Employee versus Employer Perceptions

- Managerial Assumptions

- Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

- Six Elements of Motivation

- Locus of Control

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