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Fundamentals of Management

Anatomical Advisors offers a customized Fundamentals of Management training for your organization.  Based upon the four functions of management (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling), your organization can select any combination of the modules, such as from the examples below.  Once you have selected the modules, Anatomical Advisors works with your organization to incorporate your policies and practices into the training.  Although the entire Fundamentals of Management training consists of five interactive days, your organization can select the modules for one to five training days.


Management Planning

       Essentials of Planning

       Goals and Objectives

       Cascading Goals

       Establishing Goals

       Planning Types

Objective: You will understand how and why managers plan, the types of plans utilized by management, and some useful planning tools and techniques.


       Department-Level Strategy


       Time Management

       Implementation Control
       Planning for High Performance   









Objective: You will understand the various avenues of organizing within the firm in order to the organization to meet its goals and objectives.  








Objective: You will have a better understanding of what is required to lead people in order to achieve business objectives.

         Employee Motivation
         Performance Management

         Relationship Management


         Courageous Conversations



Objective: You will understand the management function of controlling and how to utilize the fundamentals to ensure the organization is meeting its objectives. 

         Control Process

         Types of Managerial Controls

         Control Mechanisms within the Organization
•     Control Systems & Techniques  



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