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ISO 9000

The intent of the quality management sessions is to explore how to effectively and efficiently manage an organization’s product or service.  From how to deploy corrective action by identifying the root cause to exploring the management tool of ISO 9000, these quality management sessions are applicable for all managers and employees who will be part of the implementation of management tools.



ISO 9000:2008 – Internal Quality Systems Auditor

This three-day unaccredited introduction course will provide an exploration of ISO 9000 principles and application.  Based on the requirements of ISO 9001, participants build the skills necessary to be an internal quality systems auditor.  The skills of an internal auditor are supplemented with practical techniques for effective and efficient internal auditing of ISO 9000.

·         Explore the history and definition of quality

·         Appreciate that ISO 9000 is a management tool

·         Gain knowledge of ISO 9000 quality principles and purpose

·         Practice how to identify nonconformance to quality principles

·         Develop internal quality systems auditing skills



Corrective Action

This one-day course will provide participants with a solid understanding of the importance of corrective action and the ability to conduct effective and efficient correct action for non-conforming processes.  The course is applicable for all types of organizations including those firms that are ISO 9001 certified or are undertaking certification.

·         Comprehend the distinction between preventative and corrective action

·         Create practical corrective action processes

·         Learn how to perform root-cause analysis

·         Develop detailed corrective action plans

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