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Anatomical Advisors will aid your organization to achieve business results through people.

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Implementation Services

Anatomical Advisors' Approach
Anatomical Advisors offers two approaches to consulting: prescriptive and process. With prescriptive consulting you are provided with expert advice using proven methodologies and frameworks in order to assist you with your business. With process consulting, your organization is part of the analysis and implementation. With either approach, your organization will be prepared to continue to move the organization forward.
Service Delivery. Now that you have changed your service delivery model, how are you going to implement the new design?
Strategy. Some say that the formulation of strategy is the easiest component.  Now that you have created your strategic vision, how are you going to implement the plan? 
Succession Plan. As you have identified the need for succession planning in your organization, how will you execute the plan to ensure that you have the right person in the right job at the right time? 

Advising Services can include any of the multi-faceted components of your organization that work together. 

Implementation services usually are project management related that are customized to meet your needs for your smallest projects to your large-scale technical projects.
Other Anatomical Advisors' Services:

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