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Anatomical Advisors will aid your organization to achieve business results through people.

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Leadership Development

Anatomical Advisors offers both the creation of a leadership development program customized for your organization and a standardized leadership development program. 


You will have a better understanding of leadership theory and be able to work toward identifying your own effective leadership philosophy.
    History of Leadership

    Leadership Assessment

    Leadership          Attributes

    Intelligence Social & Emotional

   Adaptive Leadership


       •    Transactional Leadership

       •    Authentic Leadership

       •    Strengths Finder

       •    Dark Leadership

       •    One Right Way?
       •    Transformational Leadership
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What is the definition of Leadership?
Prior to customizing the leadership development program for your organization, our consultants work with you to design a development program that will provide the greatest return on investment for your organization.

Assessment Tools:
- 360 Degree Feedback
- Personality and Leadership Self-Assessments

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