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Anatomical Advisors offers a half day training on the DiSC personality assessment
When two people agree
      one of them is not necessary
DiSC is used to improve performance, deal more effectively with conflict, and value differences.  Using the research-based DiSC model help to better understand why we act the way that we do.
The four dimensions of D, I, S, and C are combined to provide a Classical Profile Pattern that describes a wide range of interpersonal behaviors and preferences.
   "D" - Dominance: Direct, Driver, and Decisive
   "I" - Influence: Interactive and Interested in People
   "S" - Steadiness: Secure and Sympathetic
   "C" - Conscientiousness: Controlled, Compliant, and Correct
Why DiSC?
  • Relating to individuals with different personalities
  • Dialogue about personality preferences and differences
  • A common language to understand and discuss personality
  • Appreciation of personal diversity
  • Personal insight into behavioral preferences and inclinations
What is Success?
From the DiSC self-assessment, you are able to understand yourself and others.  Furthermore, you will learn how to communicate with different sytles, understand behavior, and how each style learns.
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